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Sweet n Salty Cookies recipe - Food - Canadian Living

Sweet n Salty Cookies recipe - Food - Canadian Living.

These cookies were featured in the last issue of Canadian Living so I had to try them.  I`m a huge fan of sweet and salty.  I decided that I would make what I am calling Canadian Classic Cookies - I used Rocky Mountain Chocolate (left over Easter Chocolate) and Old Dutch ripple potato chips. 

I really liked this combination!  I think if I made it again I would increase the salty to sweet ratio though, maybe 1.25 cup of chips and .75 of the chocolate. Yves didn`t agree with me though, and I think after he got over the fact that I put chips in the cookies he would have prefered the ratio to go higher on the sweet side. 

I made the cookies a second time and used pretzels instead of chips and didn`t enjoy them as much, which really surprised me because I love chocolate covered pretzles!

This is 100% a make again recipe!  I highly recommend it.

I just remembered that I had renamed this blog Eat-Read-Listen and haven`t been doing a very good job of the read and listen part!  I haven`t read any fantastic books recently, but have been continuing my practice of browsing the online catalog at the library and picking discs that seem interesting.  My last pick was The Pretty Reckless `Light Me Up`.  I was actually quite surprised.  It was decent.  The lead singer is Taylor Momsen formerly of Gossip Girl and I am a sort of closet fan of this show so I was curious.  The disc kind of reminded me of Hole.  Some tracks were better than others, my fave was Since Your Gone. 

Heading the library tomorrow to hopefully pick up a new book, and a new disc!  Now to decide what to make next week!




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